Property Management


  • Conduct weekly site visits to assess property maintenance and vendor quality of service.
  • Inspect and inventory all existing systems, tools and supplies to assess their useful condition and life expectancy.
  • Track and implement requisite project improvements such as tree trimming, slurry seal/parking lot repairs, painting of project, etc.
  • Immediately handle any issues relating to emergency services (24 / 7), project repairs, personal injury, etc.
  • Evaluate and facilitate suite turnovers and suite modifications according to current best market practices.
  • Work with architects, engineers, city ordinances, contractors, etc., in regard to major property improvements and/or modifications.
  • Conduct thorough credit qualification and applicant screening checks.
  • Review and maintain as-built drawings and architectural renderings for city inspections and certificate of occupancy applications.
  • Negotiate all potential and current tenant leasing transactions, from initial inquiry to lease execution.
  • Maintain a consistent dialogue with tenants to enhance relationships and resolve any issues in a timely manner to ensure tenant satisfaction and retention.
  • Satisfy any tenant related issues.
  • Ensure that lease provisions regarding suite and common area maintenance are monitored and followed.
  • Establish an "open communication" and caring relationship with each individual tenant.
  • Create annual property budgets and assess capital improvement projects.


  • Create tenant monthly tenant billing statements and records.
  • Generate tenant lease abstract forms and lease term analysis spread sheets.
  • Track and implement specific negotiation line items such as tenant credits, CPI / fixed rental increases, etc.
  • Maintain vendor information, including: workers compensation, insurance, invoicing, and payables.
  • Maintain tenant insurance certificates, business licenses, and certificates of occupancy, account payables/receivables, monthly/annual CAM reconciliations, and monthly bank statements.
  • Generate quarterly distributions to ownership. Prepare year - end summaries for tax preparation purposes as well as maintain equity accounts.
  • Maintain CPI (Consumer Price Index) schedule, rent rolls, annual insurance & property tax spread sheets.
  • Manage all tenant insurance certificates and ensuring that all information is up - to - date.